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What would your honest reaction be if you happened to walk in on your step-daughter toying herself on the bed? Would you turn around and walk on out, or would you be daring enough to offer her a helping hand? I guess it might sound a little fucked-up to some of you but I wouldn’t be walking out.

She is just at that age where she wants to explore her body and I think a caring step-father would only be too happy to offer her some good advice. Okay, maybe it isn’t the advice side of things that you want to offer, but if she takes you up on the offer isn’t shouldn’t it be your duty to accept?

I guess I might be a little perverted and that’s fine with me. I get so turned on from watching Family Strokes porn videos that I have almost no will or desire to control myself. I just go with the flow and if that flow just happens to be letting a horny step-daughter ride my firm cock, who am I to stop them? I could put some of the blame on as they were the ones who gave me so much family porn to watch!

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